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Camp & MoCamp Area

Caravans are really welcome to our festival, also we have car parking outside the festival area. We do have some rules and regulations about caravans and car parking areas. We "Nature Lovers" would be glad if you care nature and respect rules.

Caravan and car parking conditions :
1- Please make sure that you recycle all of your plastic, paper, metal and organic trash in to the recylce points.
2- Please do not pour your waste-water or grey-water to the ground or compost toilets, we have places for that.
3- Helping would be appreciated if you keep Caravans and Car parking areas clean.
4- Please respect all the natural details, such as animal, trees and single leaf even. Please share all your love and respect with them.
5- Pets and Sound system not allowed, loudness and sun could be dangerous for your pets.
6- Please lock your car or caravan when you are not around. Take care and respect your neighbours.
7- Cars can park to allowed and designated areas, no parking to the roads. You car immediately removed from non-allowed location.