Greta's cries are still lingering in our ears. She divided us into two sides, was this a publicity stunt or a genuine outburst of sensitivity? This is a debate for another time though, and our concern is definitely not to drag the capitalist system through the mud just like Chuck Palahniuk. All we want is to listen to the nature, produce alternatives, and create a collective consciousness. There is a topic we wholly agree and are sensitive alongside with Greta, the planet we coexist within. We may not be sensible about our planet while living amongst piles of concrete, while working or socializing but we can catch how important it is in small details. Imagine not meeting with a single animal on the street. Think about the withering green, water is not running anymore, grocery store has no fruits to your liking. How could we know that the things we adore are now our nightmares?


We, who have accepted that we are a small part of a huge system and whose responsibility is to protect it; we connect to all living beings and believe in the power of love. We know how valuable the collective consciousness is. This is who we are. We have experienced this beautiful energy in different parts of the earth and have been powered by it greatly. After these experiences, we embarked on this adventure as Neon Festival in Bursa, years ago. Together with our energy which we spread into the cosmos, starting from psychedelic music and with other genres as well, we want to create a constellation in nature.

Neon Leave No Trace


We do not want to be the ants which are crushed while the elephants are fighting each other. In other words, war and violence are without a doubt gruesome and disturb us greatly. Also, we refuse to listen to the constant consumption commands. We think that sharing and recycling our resources are of utmost importance and support it wholeheartedly. Wastage of our riches and redundant production saddens us extremely. Isn't it a waste to repackage a packaged item again? We seem to hear you say yes.

Let us give you the good news, there will be no non-recyclable plastic materials in the Neon Festival!

Neon Festival:1 Plastics:0