A - Don't forget to check the weather forecast!
We will try to arrange everything so that your fun is not interrupted! But sometimes festivals might get too hot or too cool, so the clothes you bring with you might let you have a better time.

B - Hydration and Nutrition!
Some things are very clear when it comes to music festivals. Surrendering yourself to the music and enjoying the spirit of the festival. With such excitement and energy we can forget the needs of our bodies. Don't forget to visit our food and water booths to help your body with providing the energy it needs!

C - Stay away from the Medical Tent!
Title looks funny and we know that, but sometimes, while listening to the performance and having fun we may not be able to pay enough attention to our surroundings. This might create the ground for you or an another to end up in an undesirable situation, so avoid actions that can have dangerous consequences! The medical tent will be there waiting for you, but you still have to take care of yourself and, don't expect any help outside of the medical tent, ok? The drug you may obtain from other people might have allergic reactions, and that won't be enjoyable.

D - Your favourite performer is there!
And he expects you to dance and have fun! Check out the the program and try to be there on time. Music and entertainment is here for your enjoyment, and you are the most important part!

E - Self-care products are a must.
Materials you bring for self-care are really important, and we care about them as much as you do. Body drying sun and make-up dripping rain might be with us on the festival day so prepare your inventory accordingly! An important side note: Neon is a plastic-less festival, so by not bringing material such as Glitter will let you help nature stay clean!

F - What about your friends?
Where's Jack? Or Mary? Even you! Stay in touch with your friends, set a meeting point, specify a returning time and focus on your entertainment! From unity comes strength, so helping each other is really, really important. Where's Jack? Where's Mary? Launch the Plan A. 1- Stay in touch with them, 2- Set a meeting point, 3- Determine the return time. Your help to your friends, and their help to you, is absolutely crucial.

G - Where are you going and where will you stay?
If your are not hailing from Neon's camp edition, don't forget to set up a place for yourself beforehand! Figuring out the accommodation in advance will save you from a big chaos. You may benefit from affordable and communcal sharing tools. How you will return from the festival matters to us, so if you can't figure out the safest way to get back, please contact us at the information table!


It's very simple, you can come to Neon with the buses below. If you have your own vehicle, just type Lifepark Istanbul in your map application and you are there!

Nevertheless, we noted the information here for you.



Transportation Info:
Life Park Istanbul is located in Bahcekoy and only 10 minutes away from Maslak.
Mehmet Akif Ersoy Tabiat Parkı is also the name on the signboards. Bus Stations : Sular - Lines are : 153 Bahçeköy - Sarıyer, 42 Bahçeköy – 4.Levent Metro, 42HM Bahçeköy – Hacıosman, 42M Bahçeköy – 4.Levent Metro, 42T Bahçeköy – Taksim