Neon's basic principle revolves around being and staying transformational. The main idea of the festival is to cause no harm to the nature. By redefining and refurbishing Burning Man's Leave No Trace Principle as İz Bırakma!, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint, pollution and our wastes to a minimum within the next ten years.

What we want from you with "İz Bırakma" is very simple: 1. Disposing of the packagings of the products you buy to the matching recycling bin, 2. Not leaving anything to the ground that is not suitable for the nature of the area, 3. Informing us about the wastes lying around if there is any or if possible, disposing them to the nearest suitable recycle bin. It's that simple. This act of kindness will make you feel superb!

All the waste formed during the festival, under the scope of Neon's İz Bırakma!, will be a hundred percent recycled back to nature. Regarding permaculture, food wastes will be donated to a farm, and all the aluminum waste of beverages and such will be sent to a company operating in the recycling field.

We had two questions while preparing the best possible experience for you; How can we protect the nature? How can we raise awareness? These two questions are great guides to having fun in the heart of the nature while protecting our home.

Leave no trace, protect the home!